UBS Actively Managed Certificates

Managed Performance

UBS AMC is a market-leading solution which alleviates the operational, administrative and economic burden of running an investment strategy.

Reference Portfolio Advisors can gain specific market, regional or thematic exposure while building a track record on certain investment strategies through a single instrument. The client is the reference portfolio advisor and can actively rebalance the portfolio at his discretion. UBS AMC allows for the investment strategy to be executed in a unitised format, making it simple to accommodate multiple investors.

Whether you outsource just a few aspects of your investment strategy such as the execution of the underlying assets, or several aspects including the addition of leverage, incorporation of overlays and/or management of exchange margining, UBS AMC is able to adapt to your specific requirements and customize your solution.

A short time to market, the scalability of the implementation, an interface to manage execution, the ability to provide reporting and visualise portfolio details for complete transparency over the portfolio feature among the key selling points of our value proposition.


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UBS Neo AMC Platform

UBS Neo is a completely integrated way of accessing the full value of UBS Investment Bank throughout your investment cycle – on a single, award-winning* platform

Get the most relevant information the way you want it; submit rebalance orders, monitor your portfolio of active AMCs and use our dedicated suite of tools to refine your investment decisions, all from one trading platform.

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Insight into the tool

Screenshot of AMC tool showing AMC performance


Screenshot of AMC tool showing recent rebalancings

Source: UBS Neo AMC tool

Key features and benefits


  • Get the most relevant information the way you want it, and when you need it.
  • Use our in-the-moment market insights and analytic tools to evaluate potential investment decisions.


  • UBS Neo gives you the tools you need to trade on your ideas.
  • Submit rebalance orders through one seamless interface.


  • Monitor your portfolio of active AMCs and use our dedicated suite of tools to refine your investment decisions.
  • View all your active AMCs together with the real-time status of rebalance orders.
  • Get instant access to the latest transaction-, performance- and corporate action reports and retrieve historic data since inception of your AMC within one tool.

The following video will allow you to get to know the platform even better:

Source: UBS



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